Saturday, November 7th

24 sessions, running in one track in the morning, and multiple tracks in the afternoon. We may adjust the schedule as needed to best accommodate our attendees requests and overall demand for specific sessions.

Time Main Hall – Main Track
8:00am Registration Check-In Begins

Continental Style Breakfast Served

9:00 Introductions and Welcome

Robert M. Hall and event team


Keynote: Ryan Stewart

10:15 Break

Jamie Kosoy

11:20 Break
11:30 Elad Elrom
12:30pm Announcements and then Lunch served in Common Thread Area
Main Hall Room 300 Room 302 Room 312 Room 314
Main Track Unconference Style Tracks

Darron Schall

Bri Lance Chris Stanchak Alan Klement Jonathan Kaye
2:25 Break
2:30 Dan Mall Josh Goldblum Sherman Finch & Anthony Profeta Mike Welsh Jeremy Wischusen
3:25 Break
3:30 Branden Hall Ian McLean Michael Jovel Arpit Mathur
4:25 Break
4:30 Chris Scott Todd Coulson Jason Marziani Veronique Brossier Derek Wischusen
5:25 Break

Community Roundtable – Alex Hillman, Geoff Dimasi and event speakers

6:30 Event Wrap Up and Giveaways
6:45/7:00 After Party at National Mechanics