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News from Adobe MAX: Create Native iPhone applications with Flash and ActionScript 3

Awesome news just in via the Adobe MAX Keynote today:

Great article on what exactly this means and some more details by Mike Chambers here:

You can be certain we will be discussing this at Flash Camp Philadelphia with whatever information might be available that we can share.

You can learn more about this announcement in the FAQ below as well as in the following places

More about Flash Professional CS5

What did Adobe announce at MAX regarding Flash Professional?
Adobe previewed an early version of the next major version of Flash, Adobe Flash Professional CS5. Adobe also announced that a public beta of Flash Professional CS5 will be available for download from Adobe Labs later this year. That beta will include support for the ability to compile ActionScript 3® projects in Adobe Flash Professional to run as applications for iPhone. Interested designers and developers can go to Adobe Labs to sign up and to be notified when the beta is available.

What are the new features of Flash Professional CS5?
There are many new and exciting features in Flash Professional CS5. These include
• New text capabilities via the Text Layout Framework (TLF). Get unprecedented control and creativity with text in Flash projects. Advanced styling and layout, including right to left text, columns, threaded text blocks let you work with text in Flash like never before.
• XML based FLA files let you manage and modify project assets using source control systems, and enable teams to easily collaborate on files.
• Code Snippets panel provides pre-built code that can be injected into projects for greater interactivity and also reduces the ActionScript 3 learning curve. The panel includes code for timeline navigation (ie: click to go to the next scene) actions (ie: drag and drop), animation (ie: move with keyboard arrows), audio and video, event handlers (ie: mouse events) and loading and unloading of assets.
• Flash Builder integration. Use Flash Builder to write ActionScript code within Flash projects.
• Improved ActionScript editor, including custom class code-hinting and completion

When will the Flash Professional CS5 beta be available for download?
The beta will be available for download from Adobe Labs before the end of 2009.

How much will Flash Professional CS5 or Creative Suite cost?
We are not announcing any pricing at this time.

Where can customers go to be notified when the beta is available?
You can sign up to be notified:

More information about applications for iPhone

Q: When will Adobe Flash Platform tooling support building applications for iPhone?
A public beta of Flash Professional CS5 including support for building applications for iPhone is planned for later this year. Sign up to be notified when the beta is available.:

Q: How does the Flash Platform tooling update help developers?
The tooling update allows developers to use Flash technologies to develop content for iPhone and iPod touch, devices that were previously closed to them. Developers can write new code or reuse existing web content to build applications for iPhone. Because the source code and assets are reusable across the Flash Platform runtimes,—Adobe AIR and Flash Player—it also gives developers a way to more easily target other mobile and desktop environments.

Q: How is this different from Adobe Flash Player 10 coming to iPhone? Will iPhone users be able to view web content built with Flash technology in the iPhone browser?
The new support for iPhone applications in the Flash Platform tooling will not allow iPhone users to browse web content built with Flash technology on iPhone, but it may allow developers to repackage existing web content as applications for iPhone if they choose to do so.

Flash Player uses a just-in-time compiler and virtual machine within a browser plug-in to play back content on websites. Those technologies are not allowed on the iPhone at this time, so a Flash Player for iPhone is not being made available today.

Flash Professional CS5 will enable developers to build applications for iPhone that are installed as native applications. Users will be able to access the apps after downloading them from Apple’s App Store and installing them on iPhone or iPod touch.

Q: Can applications for iPhone built with Flash Platform tooling be delivered through Apple’s App Store?
Yes. Developers can deliver applications built with Flash Platform tooling just like any other iPhone application. This will require the developer to be a member of the iPhone Developer Program and follow the program guidelines.

Q: Do developers need to participate in Apple’s iPhone Developer Program in order to develop or deploy applications for iPhone using the Flash Platform tools?
Yes. A developer certificate from Apple is required in order to test and deploy applications to iPhone. Apple provides information on its developer programs at

Q: Are applications for iPhone built with Flash Platform tools interpreted at runtime?
No. IPhone applications built with Flash Platform tools are compiled into standard, native iPhone executables, just like any other iPhone application.

Q: Can applications load SWF files or other code at runtime, such as a module from a website?
No. iPhone applications built with Flash Platform tools are compiled into standard, native iPhone executable packages and there is no runtime interpreter that could be used to run ActionScript bytecode within the application.

Q: Which version of the iPhone SDK/operating system is supported by the applications?
Applications can be built targeting iPhone OS 3.0 and later.

Q: Will applications built with Flash Platform tools work on iPod touch? iPhone 1.0? iPhone 3G? iPhone 3GS?
Applications should work on all iPhone and iPod touch devices. However, as the hardware specifications of the devices are widely divergent, content performance may vary between devices and device generations.

Flash Camp Philadelphia Event T-Shirt Preview

We have finalized the artwork for our event t-shirts, featuring a great design by Nathaniel Dodson one of our speakers and manager of our local Philadelphia Photoshop User Group. Here is a preview for everyone to take a peak at:

If you are not able to attend but interested in purchasing a shirt, please contact us!

Speaker List Updated – Session Info Coming This Weekend

This afternoon we posted our near final speaker list – 25 and counting of some really great , talented individuals that will be speaking and presenting at Flash Camp Philadelphia.

Over the weekend we will be adding all the speakers bio information, as well as adding all the session titles, descriptions and the overall event schedule.

We have decided on an interesting approach to the afternoon to make sure we could include as many speakers as possible and give attendees a broader selection of sessions to choose from to attend. More details over the next day or so – everything should be in near final form by Monday October 5th.

Adobe MAX 2009 VIP Seat Opportunity via Flash Camp Philadelphia Speaker Jonathan Kaye

One of our Flash Camp Philadelphia speakers, author, friend and long time Philadelphia Flash Platform Adobe User Group supporter, Jonathan Kaye, PhD is up for an Adobe MAX 2009 Award for his incredible emergency response training/simulations system CommandSim. CommandSim is literally saving lives every day. Jonathan has a unique opportunity for the right person located in/near Philadelphia, who also happens to be attending Adobe MAX 2009 – read on for more info straight from Jonathan:

CommandSim is used by tens of thousands of responders each month, has been named a finalist in the Adobe MAX award category of Public Sector. This means we will be seated during the award ceremony on Oct 6 in a VIP area, and, if we win, we will go up on stage to accept the award (no speech, though), and shake hands with Mark Hamill and the Adobe team. Of course it will be filmed and I assume distributed somewhere.

The day before, Oct 5 (Monday), there is a demo night in which conference attendees can see the finalists and interact. Setup is from 4:45-6PM, and the reception is 6-8PM.

On Oct 6, the awards precede the Sneaks (I think around 5 or 6PM), so the seating will be fabulous. I would like to find someone who would like to help me out on Oct 5 and then sit next to me on Oct 6 — we have a decent chance of winning, and who knows!”


Jonathan Kaye, PhD
President, Equipment Simulations LLC / /
(888) 511-2452

So if you are in or near Philly, heading to MAX and willing to help out a bit, there is a sweet VIP seat waiting for you. Please contact Jonathan and see if the two of you hit it off well enough to be selected. Good luck to everyone and thanks to Jonathan for this unique opportunity!

Also don’t forget to vote for your favorite MAX Award (hint: CommandSim for the win!) – The awards voting opens up next week on the 28th at this URL:

Come for Flash Camp, Stay for Beer Camp and Bar Camp!

I wanted to make sure that everyone knows that some of our good friends in Philly are running Bar Camp Philadelphia on Saturday November 14th, 2009 – just a mere week after our event. They are kicking it off Friday November 13th, with Beer Camp Philadelphia. So November is going to be a huge month for “BarCamp” style events in Philly! I love and respect everyone involved in Bar and Beer camp, so I really want to encourage everyone who might be coming in from out of town, or even local folks, to make sure and attend both events and show them some love. Roz, JP, Kelani, Johhny, Dave, Alex and all the others supporting/organizing the Bar and Beer Camp. I’ve added their logos and links into the supporters section of our Sponsors page but I can’t resist popping them in here as well in all their magnificent glory.