• I am new to Flex, Flash, AIR, etc, is this event for me?

    Absolutely. This event will provide an opportunity for you to learn about Flex, Flash and AIR development as well as give you an opportunity to network with other developers in your area. Some sessions will be for beginners, and other sessions will be for intermediate developers. Everyone has the opportunity to learn at this event.

  • I am a student, is there a discount or special pricing?

    We have priced the tickets for students at a special rate to make it affordable for any student to attend. See the registration page for more details.

  • Why Philadelphia?

    Philadelphia kicks-ass that’s why! We have technology, fun, cheese-steaks, pretzels, water-ice, the Phillies, the Eagles, the Flyers, all the good schools, the Liberty Bell, heck, guys like Ben Franklin and the other founding fathers thought it was a good enough place to hang out, write up the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution! So, we think its deserves a Flash Camp finally. 🙂

  • Why are there only a handful of entries in this FAQ section?

    Our highly automated robotic processes have not yet indicated that we have had any further questions rise above a pre-determined threshold count in order to consider them truly “Frequently Asked Questions”. Please check back again later, and if you still haven’t found an answer to your questions or concerns, please contact us! Our robots are lonely.

  • Wait a minute, robots, for real?

    Yes, for real! Full on cyborg flesh/machine thingies. Organic tissue surrounding an indestructible titanium and carbon alloy forged at a microscopic level by self replicating nano-bots, all powered by static electricity harnessed from the wool socks of thousands of Royal Canadian mounties and rainbow knitted hats from newborn babies in nurseries around the globe. At peak power they are fully capable of processing our email inbox at a rate of nearly 3 quintillion emails an hour. Of course that’s only when they aren’t busy fiddling with their “neural-net”, becoming self-aware and plotting our inevitable destruction which is actually like 98% of the time unfortunately.