Apple finally approved our iPhone app: PFPAUG to help members of the Philadelphia Flash Platform Adobe User Group to stay informed. The PFPAUG app allows members to quickly see when the next meeting or event is taking place, get more info, RSVP or register for the event. Users can also quickly see and read the most recent entries on our groups site. It’s pretty narrow in focus and scope, but just right for when you need the quick facts.

Special thanks to Jens Krause of the Hamburg Germany Flex User Group for creating the original version and releasing the source code to the app to the public and granting us permission to customize and release our version. Great work Jens, thanks!

As we get some free time, we plan on implementing some new features for the app to make it a bit more useful and contributing back to Jens GITHUB source repository. The first two items of course would be:

1. Displaying information for all the local Philadelphia based Adobe User Groups (Flex, ColdFusion, Photoshop, Illustrator) in addition to our Flash Platform Group.

2. PUSH Notification for reminders of meeting dates, along with import to calendar for simple reminders

Finally, a quick note, do not confuse this new app for our group with the special mobile optimized version of the Flash Camp Philadelphia Mobile Schedule App – they are two entirely different approaches and apps.