I wanted to let everyone know about a little mobile schedule app that we tossed together for the event. It is optimized for mobile Safari on iPhones and iPod Touches but should work on most decent mobile browsers.

You can access it here:


Right now it provides a couple map overview images of the event venue, and a complete session listing for all 5 tracks, and all 25 individual sessions.

If I have time I may add photos for each of the speakers in the individual session listings and a speakers and a speaker/bio section.Update: Have added current speaker list with photos and links to session descriptions – will be adding full bios for each speaker as time allows.

Tip for iPhone/iPod Touch users:
After visiting the app in Mobile Safari, click the + icon at the bottom of Safari and select “Add to Home Screen”. This will give you a nice icon based shortcut on your home screen to directly launch the app. It also will present a nice startup screen as its launched.

You can also leverage the multi-touch input on your device to pinch and gesture on the map pages to zoom in and out for a better look. Time allowing, I may try and do a little more work on the map pages to leverage the rotation events/tilt sensors to make it a little more useable if I have time. It should be a pretty handy reference.

It’s also worth pointing out that this entire site has an optimized view for iPhone’s and other mobile devices. Enjoy!