We wanted to launch this site September 1st, but putting together an event like this requires more arms than an octopus. Regardless we are ready now and wanted to get the word out and give everyone a place to go for more information about the event.

Now that the site is live we can also give props to all our great sponsors on board so far, and we can let everyone know that we have an open call for additional speakers for both the first portion of the day and our second half of the day focused on community. Specifically, individuals or companies doing business in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas that are leveraging Flash, Flex, AIR, ColdFusion or any of the Adobe Creative Suite apps in cool and interesting ways. We want to hear from you and get a proposal on what you might want to talk about and show off. If you are interested – check this out.

Two other items I did want to point out:

1. We do expect the event to sell out and reach full capacity of our venue pretty quickly, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of our special Early Bird pricing, and of course students you’e got it made with our great student discount price. More information on pricing and registration.

2. Help us spread the word and maybe win a prize – visit our Logos and Badges pages for more information.